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Don't try to understand everything

One day I was speeding down the highway of life on cruise control, wind blowing in my hair, sun shining on my face, everything going my...

You'll see it when you believe it

While working through the final draft of my upcoming book, Bricks for Chicks, it hit me hard that I have been dreaming about being a...

It's time to get sourcy!

Microlearning: learning in tiny chunks and short bursts of time. YASSS! This year, my blogs will focus on tiny chunks of information that...

Abandon All Hope!!

Wait, what?! Tanya, you are usually so upbeat and positive (but not in a Covid kinda way) so why are we going gloomy into the most...

Buy to Let or Buy to Regret?

Property owners across the country are nervous. The market is slow, and there are many more properties available for rent than there are...