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Thinking out loud 

Written late at night in a hotel room overlooking Windhoek

Lately I’ve been thinking about the rise in anxiety, stress and mental health disorders around the world. One of my go to options when I am feeling down or overwhelmed is affirmations.

Here is how it works, create an affirmation that is present tense and positive, say it out loud repeatedly when in the shower, when you are driving around or even while you are panting your way up that steep hill home from your morning run:

Some of my latest fav’s include:

  • I am exactly where I need to be and headed exactly where I need to be going

  • I prosper wherever I turn, my income is constantly increasing

And finally, not an affirmation but a gentle reminder that you are doing extremely well, even if it feels like you are juggling way too many demands:

  • Do the best you can at whatever you are doing, don't judge what you are doing and don’t judge what you did. Just know if you did the best that you could do, you can relax and let the rest go. Your mind will stop overanalysing everything and you will enjoy your life, you'll be a blessing to everyone around you 🌻

Back next week with property investing tips and tricks, until then, be awesome!






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