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What decision would YOU make?

4 months in and the garage in our new home remains piled high with boxes. Boxes of stuff we haven’t looked for or missed since we packed up our home on 15 Dec 2023. Astonishing, right?

  • Part of me wants to just load all the boxes up and head to the closest charity store.

  • Another part of me wants to unpack those boxes and discover what it is that I once held so dear, I was prepared to pack it into a box and pay for it to be transported across the country.

  • Yet another part of me wants to turn my back on the mess and hit the beach.

All that musing moves me not one step closer to an empty garage.

Why not?

All action begins with a decision. Ruminating over whether I should donate, unpack or head to the beach is doing nothing more than spinning my mental wheels.

A decision is what creates forward motion.

I know this to be true, and mostly, I decide to go to the beach.

But think about what that short term gratification is costing me?

Inner peace because those judgy unpacked boxes are waiting for me, knowing I will open garage and sigh defeatedly at the enormity of the task that lies ahead.

Making a decision, making THE decision to sort it out, one box a day, is the only way through it.

Same goes for everything in life.

  • Struggling to stay on top of your finances because who has time to track the small unconscious daily spend that leech your wallet dry?

  • Struggling to stick to that diet because who has time to think about food would best nourish you the next day?

  • Struggling to cultivate a new fitness regime because the day hits you before you can hit the gym?

Every day before you go to bed, you decide what your tomorrow will look like. Will it be full of frazzled excuses or will it be filled with ease and grace? If you spend some time planning what you absolutely need to get done, what you plan to eat and when you plan to workout (modify list according to your dreams and goals) you’ll find that things flow easily. Thinking it sounds dreadfully boring to be that prepared and that intentional about your day? Maybe so, but think about how disappointed you are when you wake up at 3am and think about all you didn’t achieve the previous day. Making a decision - no - making THE decision to move the dial on whatever is important to you will set up you for success and quiet that nagging internal voice that constantly reminds you what you shoulda/woulda/coulda done. I wonder what decision YOU will make today?






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