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Am I ever gonna quit? Hell no

Anyone who tells you being an entrepreneur is easy is lying.

Easy is going to work every day and being paid regularly at the end of every month. Easy is having someone else decide what is the most important thing for you to work on next. Easy is being told what to study next. Easy is having colleagues to chat to during lunch breaks and coffee breaks. Turns out, having a job is easy.

What is not easy is deciding to follow the path less travelled. Deciding to strike it out on your own. There are some serious challenges out here in the arena. Ones you cannot imagine or predict.

It is hard to motivate yourself every. single. day. To keep taking steps towards your dream. It is hard to know where best to focus your efforts and attention when there are so many things, people, ideas pulling you in different directions. It is hard to deal with the trolls who are bound to find you when you put yourself out there on social media, believing you are adding value. Hard to handle rejection around your great ideas. And it is hard to work alone.

So why do it? Why not just go back to the comforts of corporate?

Because even that is a myth. At some point, we will all be forced to figure out how to make it on our own, either through redundancy, retirement or in an increasingly disrupted world, relevance.

You need a thick skin to survive out here. You need to be brave beyond reason. You need to believe in your dream so fiercely that it has no choice but to come true. You need a plan, you need structure.

And you need help.

I realise now more than ever the power of a network. People to lean into when it gets too hard. People to say “Sure, that failed. But how can we tweak it to make it work?” People to believe in you and your vision. People to cheer you on.

Every day, I dust myself off, focus on my vision and I keep on keeping on. Trying new things, hustling in different ways. Growing new skill sets. Finding new deals.

You should too. It is possible. It is hard. But it is possible.

Am I ever gonna quit? Hell no.





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