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Three skills to ace as a property investor

Want to become a professional property investor?

What if you knew the surprising skills to grow to help you take you investing skills to the next level?

Well, you are in luck - here are three of the skills you'll most certainly need...


It is a long, tough dusty road. If you believe property is a get rich quick scheme, you’d be sadly mistaken. It is a get rich slowly scheme. There will be difficult times when the market is tough, the political situation is unstable, reliable tenants are hard to come by (oh wait, that sounds like right now!) but if you know that markets always fluctuate and things will always swing from dark and desperate back to easy and effortless, you can dig deep and get through the toughest of times.


Maths might not be your strong point and the very idea of looking at numbers makes you feel quite faint. And yet, if you want to succeed at property investing, you need to learn the skills required to analyse deals to determine if they are worth getting into. You need to be able to monitor your existing properties to determine if they are worth keeping, to see where and how you can tweak them to maximise the return. In short, become best friends with numbers!


You are going to be meeting with and dealing with a lot of different people in your journey as a property investor. Learning how to listen, persuade and work with people is going to be crucial. You need to know how to identify people you can work with, people you can trust and people who can support and guide you.

Need help or support developing these skills? Grab your autographed copy of my latest book, Bricks for Chicks, and watch how your skills improve. PS: Bricks for Chicks is also available in Exclusive Books, and all leading bookstores.






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