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Lost your mojo? Use these 3 easy steps to bounce back fast

Struggling to find your groove this year? Find yourself sighing through the day? Do the “3 E Test” to see how you can support yourself.


When we are in our element, we thrive with ease. Imagine putting Siya Kholisi on a cricket pitch? If you did, chances are no one would know his name. Put Chad Le Clos on the start line of the Comrades Marathon and he is unlikely to finish the race. Point is, go where you thrive. At school I studied subjects I absolutely hated and not surprisingly, got remarkably average results. As adults, we have the choice to ourselves in the right elements. I found my element through Toastmasters, running groups and through my writing and my work. When you are where you should be, it is easy to excel. We are all destined to chase different dreams, find the one that makes you tingle just a little with excitement and adrenalin, then go after it with all you’ve got.


The environment you put yourself into matters more than you’d imagine. Need proof? Take a goldfish and put it in a mansion, dress it in the finest clothing, feed it caviar and champagne. How long will it last? Not even an hour!

  • for the record, please feel free to put ME in said mansion, I could defo survive that kind of struggle!

Moving to the Wilderness from Johannesburg has shown me how big an impact an environment can have on you. People here are very chilled and easy going. With my Jozi attitude, I want everything done yesterday but since that’s not an option, I am learning that next week is also fine. Everyone has time to chat and find out how you are – stack that up against frantic Jozi living and the difference is remarkable. Chilled and easy going works really well for me now, when I was younger, I needed fast and furious. Think about the kind of environment you would flourish in – there are endless options and of course, you need different environments for different stages of your life. You are not a tree, if you don’t like your environment, move 😊


Benjamin Franklin famously said that energy and persistence conquer all things. If you can’t bring energy to your day, everything will feel like a long hard slog. How?

  • Take proper care of yourself, ensure you eat enough nourishing food and drink more water than you think you need. Dehydration will leave you feeling dizzy and lightheaded – and tired!

  • Move your body in ways that get your heart pumping and your body feeling challenged. It may be hard today but your body will feel stronger tomorrow.

  • Spend time in silence every day to drown out the demands of the world and allow inspiration to find you.

  • Sleep is essential to maintaining a sense of humor, get 8 hours a night and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to chase those dreams!

Use this simple test regularly to ensure you are living your best life, your future self will thank you for it! * credit to the remarkable Jay Shetty for the 3 E concept






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