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I'll guess I'll die another day

Death has been swirling around me lately, crashing in closer and closer as numerous people dear to me from different aspects of my life have been leaving this planet - in search of better adventures?

Some days it weighs heavy on my heart, making me think dark thoughts like ‘What is it all for anyway?” “It’s all so pointless, we are all going to DIE!”

And other days, I wake up and smile, deeply grateful to have been given another opportunity to spin around the sun on this wonderous playground called Earth.

This video helped me understand how to help those affected by grief, and to help myself:

I thought it would be useful to share since so many people are grappling with the loss of loved ones during these crazy days.

Wishing you sunshine and strength my friends, back to financial and property matters next week, but for now, pause, take a deep breath, inhale the bittersweet joy of being alive.






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