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How to navigate the debt infested waters of the festive season

We all love giving gifts to our friends and family and seeing their faces light up when they open them.

This is your reminder that you don’t need to get yourself into debt, spending hundreds of Rands on the “perfect gift” just to make someone special smile.

Note: this blog is focused on the crazy festive season we find ourselves in - but even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can use these tips to get you through birthday gifts too!

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Don’t get yourself into debt with a last-minute panic shop! The key to finding a great gift is to really think about the person you’re buying for – what do they like, what are their interests and where do their passions lie?

  • Get a group of friends or family members to club together to be able to afford something really special – not only will everyone will be so grateful to have the pressure of choosing a gift lifted right off their shoulders but the recipient will be thrilled to receive a fabulous gift!

  • Shop sustainably: don’t buy junk that’s going to end up in a landfill! A physical gift comes with packaging and wrapping which often ends up in landfills.

  • Give experiences: tickets to a show, an outdoors adventure, a massage or tickets to a sporting event. A family photo shoot is a gift that everyone can cherish for years to come. Create memories that last long after their material counterparts have been disposed of. And the best part – the recipient doesn’t ever have to dust this kind of gift!

  • Offer to help with something they would like to achieve: if you have that particular skill – teach them! If not, buy tickets for them to get involved. Think cooking classes, music lessons, dance classes - the list is endless. If they want to get into Property Investing...grab a copy of my book, Bricks for Chicks - I'll even autograph it for them :-)

  • Consumable gifts are so welcome during these tough financial times. Consider a bottle of good wine or champagne, food hampers, homemade treats.

Now to wrap the gifts…

Decorate a glass jar or envelope with festive wrapping paper and place the gift card or a picture of the gift inside – for example, you could have a picture of people hiking to show that this is the gift. Head on over to for easy to use free software to create stunning labels and so much more.

Show your friends and family how much you care by giving considerate gifts that will ensure a clutter-free Christmas!






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