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Discover the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to improve your financial health and ultimately build a financially secure and independent life

Having trouble sticking to your commitments?

Discipline is remembering what you want

Here we are, two weeks into a sparkly new year. When the clock struck midnight on 31 Dec, did you make any resolutions to kick of 2020-FREE?*

Did you have "get fit and have my best body ever" on your New Years Resolution list? How about "Financial Freedom"?

Once the idea hits, you feel unstoppable! You are inspired, fired up, ready to take on the world. But as the weeks wear on, getting up early to work out loses its shine and snuggling down under the duvet seems like a MUCH more sensible plan.

Same goes for chasing financial freedom. That property training you did certainly opened your eyes to the possibilities. For the first couple of weeks, maybe even month, you were in it to win it. Working on your skill set, building up your financial buffer.

But then comments from friends start to wear you down. You hear them at braais, in the corridors at work, it feels like the walls are even shouting at you:

  • "It will never work"

  • "Property is sooooo dangerous"

  • "No one wants to invest in South Africa!"

And besides, there are so many sales on now…seems silly to let those deals go to waste for the sake of saving for some unknown future when who knows when you’ll next be able to pick up that trip to Thailand for such a good deal!

And just like that, your lack of personal discipline leaves you nursing that glass of wine, reassuring yourself next year will be better.

Don't let that happen. Develop your discipline by tackling small achievable tasks to build your confidence.

Keep enthusiasm pumping through your veins by:

  • reading the right books (I know of this really cool one, Bricks for Chicks - well worth a read)

  • listening to motivational podcasts,

  • taking calculated steps towards your dreams

  • surrounding yourself with people on the same mission as you

  • getting yourself a coach to keep your eyes on the prize.

And in the words of Winston Churchill: never, never, never, never, never give up.

*Inspired by my good friend and incredible accountant, Magriet. For me, it signifies our first year FREE from the chains of covid 😊






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