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Garden of your mind

Spring arrived in Johannesburg, not slowly and gently, it happened all at once. One day blankets and fireplaces and the next, summer frocks and flip flops! Headlines suddenly screaming out:

  • Join a gym! Get your summer body!

  • Update your summer wardrobe with our latest ‘must have’ looks!

  • Your home deserves a makeover, freshen up for summer with our bright new summer range

It is all externally focused, entirely dependent on what you, and everyone else can see. Yet no one is talking about what matters most and what cannot be seen. No one is talking about spring cleaning your mind. How? Think of your mind like a garden. If you don’t tend to it on a daily basis, removing the weeds of negativity and nurturing the buds of your dreams, it will become a tangled mess. We went to the nursery this weekend to buy pretty flowers. Pots of color that looks magnificent in the nursery – and need to be carefully looked after once you take them home. Watering them on daily basis gives me pause to consider what I am thinking about. Am I tending to the garden of my own mind? Am I focusing on what I want to see more of in my life? You can do it to!

  • Go to your closest nursery. Buy a tray of colorful seedlings (the nurseries have many options on sale now, find ones that suit your space – shade, full sun etc. You’ll easily find flowers for R30 to R40 for 6 little seedlings.

  • Now plant them in a pot, your budget can determine if it is a plastic or ceramic pot!

  • Next, take care of them every single day, ensuring the flowers remain perky and bright, leaning towards the sun. If any weeds start to grow, pull them out.

Let your daily pot plant ritual remind you to tend to your mind:

  • Take a moment to stop all the rushing around and distractions, be here now with your plants

  • Are you planting quality content in your mind? What are you reading or watching?

  • Put your hopes and dreams in the best possible soil for them to grow. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who inspires you? What kind of conversations are you having?

  • Water your dreams by spending time every day focusing on them as if they had already happened

  • Pick out the weeds of negativity and let them go

  • Are you ready to plant new ideas and dreams in your mind?

Focus on tending to your mind on a daily basis and watch in awe as your dreams and goals start to manifest on the outside.

As within, so without.






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