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Are you muddying your own water?

Do your dreams speak to you?

It’s been tough lately. Lots of big, exciting changes that I have to navigate and it all started to affect my sleep (more news on all that later)…

Since the difference between hope and despair is one night’s good sleep, things started to get messy.

One restless night, my dreams came along to shake me out of the funk.

Picture this: I am lying on my back, basking in the nourishment of the sun while floating on calm, dreamy turquoise sea that gently supports me. I close my eyes and relax into the moment.

Suddenly I change perspective and look down on myself and notice how negative thoughts swirling in my head start leaking out into the water, turning the deep blue into dark grey, turning the breathtaking beauty into a disastrous dump.

I sit bolt upright, startled.

The message is clear. Watch my thoughts, to notice all that IS working in my life, all that is amazing and stop focusing on and amplifying the negative parts.

Powerful imagery.

Are you polluting the water you are swimming in with your negative thoughts? Thinking that it is all too hard, property doesn’t make sense in South Africa, interest rates are too high, tenants don't pay, the power and water issues make everything a nightmare.

Stop the flow of those negative thoughts. Focus on all that is possible, know that opportunity and abundance are all around. And notice how everything starts to look amazing again.






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