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5 fabulous reasons to invest in property

Wondering if you should get started on your property investing journey but need some motivation to get going? Here are 5 fabulous reasons to give it a whirl!

  1. Done correctly, property will provide you with passive income every month. Head on over to my website to read up on articles about running the numbers and Buy To Let to understand how to get extra money paid into your pocket at the end of every month with little or no input from you! Wikipedia moment: Passive income is a type of unearned income that is acquired automatically with minimal labor to earn or maintain. In other words, MY kinda income!

  2. Investing in the right area will guarantee you capital growth, meaning your investment will be worth WAY more than you paid for it years down the line. You can choose to sell the property once it has increased in value and then either reinvest in property, pay for your kids to get through private schooling (seriously – have you seen those fees!!) or go on amazing adventures! To illustrate, we bought a two bed, 1 bathroom unit in Sea Point, Cape Town in 2003 for R460,000. We sold it in 2015 for a whopping R2,400,000! That cash allowed us to expand our property portfolio to the UK and start earning a passive income in pounds while living in sunny South Africa.

  3. People will always need a place to live. Sure, the market changes and for your average person, sometimes it makes sense to rent, sometimes it makes sense to buy. Grow the skills you need to invest wisely, and you can flex them for your entire life! Property does not discriminate; you can be a successful investor for your entire life! Hey -> that’s two tips rolled into one 😊

  4. Property allows you to leave a legacy behind for your children. Invest in the right structures and when are no longer of this world, your children and family can continue to benefit from the investments you created. On a recent trip to the Garden Route, we booked accommodation in a magnificent beach front property in the Wilderness on Sands Road – right on the beach! The owner, Lucy, described how her grandmother bought the property in 1940 and built a double storey house, replicating the plans for the top floor to the bottom floor which essentially created two separate homes consisting of three bedrooms en suite, kitchen, lounge and dining room. The clever positioning of the house also allowed for a large garden to be established. Lucy and her husband now live on the top floor and rent out the bottom floor to delighted guests like me – ALL year round! #killingit! Who wouldn’t love a savvy Granny like that! But what if YOU can be that granny (or grandpa?) referred to in awe for generations to come? Yip, property can make that possible!

  5. Builds up your asset base which you own then leverage for your future investments. Show the banks you know how to manage your money and more money will flow to you! Perhaps later on in life plans change, dreams change, and you want to get into something else. You can either leverage off your property portfolio to get your hands on more cash from the bank or sell a few properties off and chase that dream of sailing around the Greek Isles with a cocktail in your hand. Point is property gives you options!

Ready to get started? Grab your copy of my latest book, Bricks for Chicks, and get yourself educated and excited about your financial future!






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