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Your net worth is related to your network 

Networking to property investing is like oxygen to humans.

It’s been a long, dry season thanks to Covid. The endless isolation and lack of social interaction turned me into a solitary hermit. The couch started to hold more appeal than heading out to mingle with the masses. Luckily, the South African Property Investors Networking group dragged me right off that couch and back up onto the stage as one of their keynote speakers this past weekend at the at Johannesburg Woodmead Country Club where 150 women came together to listen, laugh and learn. I left feeling energized and inspired, reminded of the power of leaning into a group, of rubbing shoulders with people on the same mission while learning from titans in the industry. Ready to dust off your networking skills but unsure of where to start? Here are some tips to get you back out there in the property networking circles at top speed! The idea of going along to a networking event may fill you with dread. A room full of strangers that you have to actually TALK to! Here are some tips to help you navigate the murky waters of that fear:

  • Remember that everyone in the room is there to discuss property. This is not simply another cocktail event where you need to somehow dream up small talk that avoids politics, religion and the weather! Having a common mission immediately opens up so many discussion points. Be genuinely interested in what people are saying. Your attention will automatically move away from you and your anxieties - allowing you to relax, mingle and learn.

  • Be confident. If you are feeling anxious, take a few deep breaths to settle your nerves then puff out your chest, smile and stand up a little taller. Your body informs your emotions so acting braver REALLY WILL make you feel braver! When meeting new people, smile, shake hands firmly while making eye contact.

  • Learn how to remember names! Nothing makes you feel quite as recognised as a person who can remember your name after meeting you just once. While this might feel like an impossible feat for you, the good news is that even making the decision to remember someone’s name will contribute significantly to your ability to do just that! Focus aligns the brain and if you care about the people you meet, you will find it easier to remember names.

Try the Meet and Repeat trick: when you meet someone for the first time, try to use their name as often as you can in the conversation – but not in an overly repetitive kind of way!

  • “Hi Fiona, what inspired you to start investing in property?” or

  • “How long have you been investing in property for Fiona?” or

  • “Nice to meet you Fiona, let’s keep in touch.”

Remember, everything is hard before it gets easy so push on through using these tips as guidance and you’ll be networking like a pro in record time!






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