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You'll see it when you believe it

While working through the final draft of my upcoming book, Bricks for Chicks, it hit me hard that I have been dreaming about being a published author since I started my first job at Penguin Books straight out of varsity. Which is decades ago...literally.

Why on earth did it take me soooo long to finally be published by Penguin?

Because I didn’t REALLY believe that I could do it. It was a fun thing to throw around at dinner parties, a nice pipe dream. But it wasn’t something I really believed deeply in my bones.

When that changed, thanks to coaching and working on my limiting beliefs, everything changed and now in June, I will actually in factually be a published Penguin author. Whoop whoop!

Think of people you have known for a long time. You bump into them and ask how things are going. I am willing to be good money on the fact that their response is most likely to be “Oh you know, same old, same old” or “Same sh*t, different day”

Now think of the people who have interesting stories to share, wonderful achievements to discuss, exciting adventures to describe – now those are the people who actually believed that life could be different, who could see themselves taking on new challenges, trying new things.

The difference?

Quite simply, it is that they believed something bigger and different was possible for their lives.

That got me thinking.

What other areas of my life am I not really believing I can live up the ideal vision of myself I have?

  • Hitting and sticking with goal weight?

  • Being in a happy, connected marriage?

  • Consistently operating at peak fitness levels?

  • Financially wealthy beyond my wildest dreams?

  • Plenty of spare time to spend with my precious family?

  • Standing on a TED stage delivering an inspiring speech?

What about you? Are there any areas of your life that are feeling stagnant and stuck?

What if all it needs is a mindset shift? From waiting for something to happen before you believe it's possible…to actually believing it first?

Because when you believe it, you WILL see it.






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