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What's chasing you?

In a downtown alley, two cats were playing among the dustbins. One cat, Felix, suddenly started chasing his tail. Around and around he spun, determined to catch it. The other older cat, Santiago, watched with interest.

Eventually he said “Felix what on earth are you trying to achieve?”

Felix stopped for a moment to explain that he'd been to Cat University earlier that morning and learned that happiness can be found at the end of your tail. “So you see, Santiago, by chasing my tail, I am chasing happiness and on that glorious day when I finally catch my tail, I'll have achieved my goal.”

Santiago nodded his head thoughtfully then said “My parents could never afford to send me to Cat University but I do know it's impossible to catch your tail. What I've found is that if I focus on doing what makes me happy and walk confidently in the direction of my dreams, my tail always follows right behind me. That way, happiness always chases me."

Are you chasing, or are you being chased? (but not in a creepy way :-))

What if what you seek is seeking you?

And what if by simply focusing on what lights up your soul, what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, what makes you you closer than you ever thought was possible to that elusive pot of gold?






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