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I'm late, I'm late for a very important date, I'm LATE!

Do you find yourself chasing time ALL the time? Wondering how Mondays slip so quickly into Fridays and let’s not even talk about where the weekends go.

You wake up with a vague sense of unease, what happened to the new year goals and dreams? Oh, those distant hazy dreams…hmm…I suppose they lie shipwrecked on the cold hard rocks of the reality of a life lived in a downward spiral of ‘not enough time’.

But does it have to be that way? And how DO people like Richard Branson and Oprah get through SO much in an average day? Clearly they have an army of people working for them.

Or do they? What if there are time hacks you can use to convert yourself from ‘overwhelmed’ to on ‘top of things’?

Here are three of my go to hacks:


  • Spend half an hour at the end of each week, Friday afternoons are for planning, not for cocktails! (well, cocktails after planning…) Take a look at the week ahead, what appointments do you have in place? Now schedule some time for YOU to do something to rejuvenate yourself: a walk, a massage, time to read a book or call a friend. Whatever feeds your soul. Schedule it in.

  • Next, schedule in some time to work on your dreams. I put aside every Monday evening to work on our property portfolio, if it is not scheduled, it won’t happen. Take the time to write it in.

  • Finally, schedule in some time with your family, perhaps it is a date night, perhaps it is movies with the kids. Point is to make sure that you have thought of something special to do with the special people in your lives.


  • At the start of each day, write down the top three that you need to accomplish that day. Only three things. Things that must be done to move you closer to your goal, the three things that will make you feel accomplished by the end of the day


  • Stay off social media! I am serious…it is a rabbit hole that sucks you down into a deep abyss of stalking and comparing yourself to others. It does nothing for your future. Don’t believe me? Try it. Delete the social media apps off your phone and ignore Facebook, Insta, Twitter, TikTok – whatever - for a week. You’ll have time on your hands and peace in your heart 😊

I’d love to know which of these hacks resonate with you! Try one, try them all – and let me know how it works for you.

Here’s to your MASSIVE success!






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