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Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard

As you read this, a removal company will be loading our entire household contents onto a truck headed to our new home in the Wilderness in the Eastern Cape.

It has been a whirlwind of emotions to get to this point.

  • Moving to one of the most magnificent parts of the country to live at the coast in pursuit of a calmer, more beautiful life?

    • Easy decision to make.

  • Packing up the house we have lived in for 27 years?

    • Way harder to do than I ever imagined. Special mention to Eskom for ensuring we had no power for 4 days while trying to pack and of course, a shout out to La Niña for bringing incessant rain to the party!

  • Saying goodbye to our wonderful network of friends and beloved family?

    • Impossibly hard – pass me another tissue!

Here’s the thing. It’s so easy to make a decision...

  • Let’s move!

  • Let’s start a business!

  • Let’s get into property investing!

The very idea is fun, exciting, thrilling even – a wonderful dinner party topic.

But then time passes and the reality starts to sink in.

  • Packing up an entire house of memories and accumulated stuff

  • Doing the daily grind to get your business off the ground

  • Growing your skills to ensure you understand how to invest in property

Urgh, what a yawn.

Easier to default back to the same old same old.

Pushing through the pain, the doubts and the fears is something only a handful of people are brave enough to do.

Are YOU brave enough to chase your dreams?






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