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Stop chasing, start observing

Have you ever noticed how people chase money? Spending hours grinding away at their jobs, desperately trying to claw their way up the corporate ladder in order to make more money. Desperately trying to get into the latest “surefire” money making scheme.

But what about managing the money you already have?

Most people are so distracted, busy, focused on making ever more money that they seldom (read never!) check their bank statements.

Take the time to have a look at your bank statement, you might be alarmed to spot a string of debit orders you signed up for ages ago and never use.

  • Spotify?

  • Youtube Premium?

  • Gym? Be honest now, how often do you REALLY go to the gym? If you are one of the rare species who actually does workout in a gym, congratulations! Keep paying that bill with pride!

Paying attention to the money you already do have and taking care of it is as, if not MORE, important than chasing more money.

I opened a safety deposit box since 2000. When I took it out all those years ago, it was really affordable, a negligible amount. Imagine my surprise when the latest bill arrived – an eye watering R3,995 per annum for that same safety deposit box!

Time to weigh up cost versus benefit. Sure it is a good idea to have a ‘safe’ place to store important documents such as passports, your will, your fabulous jewelry collection but in reality, does the cost involved justify the expense?

I decided the cost was exorbitant for my needs and went off to close my safety deposit box. There was a certain amount of anxiety involved as I handed over the keys, one last time. What if this is a bad idea?

What if I really do need it?

The long ingrained habit of having a safety deposit box was threatening to trip me up!

Time to focus on all the benefits:

  • No annual fees

  • Easy access to important documents, no longer restricted to banking hours

  • Spare cash for holidays!

Ah yes, it is the right move after all.

Skim through any records of your spending over the past year that are available, such as bank statements, credit card statements, or any software that you use. See if you can spot any recurring expenses for products/services that you no longer use or want.

You might find riches beyond your wildest dreams – all in your very own bank account!






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