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What do you want your life to look like?

Fred the frog lives happily at the bottom of a well. One day, he looks up and sees a splinter of light shining down onto him from the top of the wall. Being a curious little frog, he spends weeks figuring out how to scramble up the side of the well wall and get to the top. Imagine his surprise when he gets to the top and sees a little pond with flowers surrounding it!

He hops over in excitement, absolutely thrilled to discover that there is more to life than the bottom of his well. “Who knew!” he thinks to himself, “there I was in my tiny little well not imagining for one second that anything else existed!”

While living his best life at the edge of the pond, he strikes up a friendship with a duck, let’s call him Dave. Fred tells Dave about his great luck and how his vision has been expanded since he left the well. Dave responds “You ain’t seen nothing yet my friend” and gets Fred to hop onto his back. They fly off to a massive lake surrounded by huge trees. Fred is astonished! How can this be!? Surely this MUST be the perfect environment to live in, surely there can be nothing better than this lake!

While setting up his new home under a willow tree, Fred meets a salmon, obviously called Sam, who laughs at Fred’s excitement at finding the lake. “Come with me, there is EVEN more.” Fred hops on Sam’s back and holds on tight as Sam swims off towards the ocean, finally dropping Fred safely on the shore.

Fred’s mind? Officially blown.

How is it possible, he thinks to himself, that I spent all those years in my little well when there is SO much more out there, so many bigger, better, bolder environments to explore!

The question is: are you still stuck in the well, believing that your life is as good as it is going to get?

Or are you looking up, looking for that sliver of light to lure you out of the well and explore what else life could possibly have to offer?

To get to the proverbial ocean, seek out people who think abundantly, who live abundantly, who travel, who have achieved levels of success you aspire to. This can be done by listening to podcasts, my current personal fav is Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness. Through books, through webinars and now as the world opens up, through networking events.

Or you could start with something like this…

I have a card above my desk that asks me a simple question every day:

“What do you want your life to look like?”

The question tugs at me, forcing me to look at all areas of my life and ask myself: is this how I want my home/friendships/marriage/finances/property portfolio/fitness/weight etc etc to look?

Where the answer is no, I focus on it and work at it until the answer is yes.

The quest for the ocean is endless. As for the growth you’ll experience on the journey to get there?

Well, that’s priceless.






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