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Dreams, Goals and Strategies, Part 3 of 3

Last week we spoke about goals...this week we wrap up the series discussing strategy!

“Always start at the end before you begin.” Robert Kiyosaki

Once you’re transformed a dream into a goal, you need to plot a course to get there. The best way to do this is to begin with the end in mind and plan backwards from there. Ask yourself: “What needs to happen just before I am able to reach this goal?” What do you need to do just before your final step? Write it down. Then you ask yourself “What needs to happen just before I am able to do that?” And you determine the step before that. And you keep going until you get all the way to the very first step for you to take. Just like that, you have a step by step plan to follow for turning a dream into reality. And now you can start taking inspired action that will see you edging closer towards your dream.

Need a more property related example to understand more clearly?

  • Goal is: earn R10,000 a month in passive income from your property portfolio.

Let’s say that the step before you hit that goal is to find tenants for your 5th buy to let property which will yield another R2000 in passive income.

The step before that might be to buy your 5th property.

Before that, find said property.

Same goes for properties 1 through 4, all of which yield a minimum of R2000 in passive income per month.

Before that, you would need to consider what will be required to develop the required skills. List the steps you will need to take, such as reading this weekly blog, signing up for a property investing course, speaking to other investors, learning from mentors, sorting out your finances, finding investors, understand how to find the right property, etc.

Excellent! Now start taking bold determined action by following the steps on your list otherwise you have just spent all this time creating a detailed map for a road to nowhere.

Implement the strategy, see what works, see what doesn’t, and make adjustments as you go and you learn from your experiences. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you for taking that first step, give it a try and improve as you go.

I think, I believe, I achieve!






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