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Always look on the bright side of life

Don’t you wish there was a Fairy Godmother who could swoop into your life and wave a magic wand to soften the rough edges and make the good parts even better?

During 2021, I had my very own Fairy Godmother and here’s what happened:

  • Every week, I had to check in with 3 successes and/or celebrations as well as detail any Fears or Challenges.

  • Some weeks, I felt like there was absolutely nothing to celebrate and stared sullenly at my screen.

  • But since I had committed to the process, I made myself think of something, anything. Once I started writing about even the smallest success, many more success and celebrations rushed in to join the party. My mood would improve and I’d be reminded that I have so much to be grateful for, so much to celebrate.

Which is exactly you do Successes and Celebrations BEFORE you do the Fears and Challenges. What you focus on expands.

Think it is all woo-woo and that you have better things to do than be positive while living through a global pandemic?

I mean seriously though, who can be positive when we live on quicksand and the rules change all the time? Who can be positive when you can’t make any plans and have absolutely zero idea what the future holds?

But what if your attention on the negative has zero impact on the outcome and all it does is drag your energy down, leaving you feeling deflated, discouraged and defeated?

And what if focusing on the positive leaves you feeling energized, empowered and enthusiastic?

I know how I’d rather feel.

I discovered that you actually can train your brain to look for the good in every situation. When I feel negative thoughts swirling around in my head looking for bad company, I stop and ask myself if this thought pattern is helping me or harming me? If it is harming me, I go for a walk barefoot in the garden, take a moment to play with our pets or just lie on the grass and stare at the clouds drifting gently past. The physical change in environment impacts my emotional state positively and l feel calmer and hopeful.

Since making these small changes a permanent habit, there has been a significant improvement in my mood and attitude which filters through to all areas of my life.

When you are feeling happy, you are more likely to want to exercise which releases endorphins, known as nature’s morphine, which makes you feel positive. You are also more likely to work towards your personal goals because when you feel upbeat, everything feels possible.

Your thoughts and the words used to shape them can influence your body’s ability to heal. Your body’s cells are in constant communication with each other and collectively, they hear what you are thinking, saying therefore having positive thoughts and using positive words can create a healing environment for your cells to ignite your self-healing power.

As we head into 2022, let’s remember that our thoughts create our words, our words create our actions, and our actions create our lives. Let's keep our thoughts and our words positive - your best year yet is waiting for you!






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