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Evictions: part 2 of Days of our Landlords Lives

The best way to avoid evictions? Spent time finding the right tenant upfront!

Last week we stalked Nolwazi as she discovered some pretty messy stuff about her tenant, Stacy, in “Days of our Landlords Lives” click here to read that blog.

Here’s where we left off:

A young heavily tattooed stud is draped over Stacy, cigarette hanging lazily out his mouth. Nolwazi shakes her head in disbelief.

“Oh, come on Honey, drawls Stacy, you know how lonely a girl can get. Stan here is just keeping me company until John comes back next month. Our little secret though, right?”

Nolwazi rubs her eyes, perhaps she is trapped in a bad dream. She opens them slowly and carefully but nope, no dream. Stacy and the stud are still there, as is the stench of cat pee.

“Listen Stacy, this is not cool on many levels. What happens between you and John is your business, but you trashing my property like this? Well that is very much my business! The cats must go, I will be back on Monday and if they are not gone, the SPCA will deal with it. Your green fingers in the back garden, not appreciated and the cannabis plants will be removed along with any trace of them ever having been here too, failing which a clearly long overdue call to the police will be made.”

The stud gasps and looks at Stacy in horror. “What the hell babe! You told me your landlady was cool and easy going. Seems like this feisty little wench is far from that!”

Nolwazi takes a deep breath and says in a low, even tone “You have until Monday to clean up your act Stacy, and if I were you, I’d do some serious decluttering all round” while staring directly at the stud.

With that, Nolwazi stalks out the kitchen, out the front door and back to the safety of her car.

What the hell just happened there and, more importantly, how should Nolwazi deal with it?

And there you have it! The best way to remain sane is to have an outstanding letting agent on your team.

How do you find the perfect letting agent?

Tune in next week to find out how...





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