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We need to talk

Death never takes a wise man by surprise; he is always ready to go. – Jean de la Fontaine

Now that I have your attention, we need to talk about preparing to die. And no, I am not referring to your religious beliefs or the need to grant forgiveness to those who have wronged you, or indeed beg for forgiveness from those you have wronged.

I mean it’s time to get your affairs in order. Documents in place, contact numbers sorted. Policies, legal documents. Yip, all the things that instantly make your head spin and have you reaching for the remote, hoping Netflix can numb the dreadful reality that you really do have to address this.

We are living through a global pandemic, it is terrifying, exhausting and relentless. People are losing loved ones, perhaps you too have lost someone and if so - I’m so sorry, my sincere condolences.

But for those of us who are lucky enough to still be on the right side of the grass, please do your family a massive favor and get ready? Even if we outlive this virus, there is absolutely no doubt that death is coming for us. Mostly without warning, no time to prepare, no time to plan.

My family and I are working through a document prepared by Nikiki Bush after she lost her husband brutally and unexpectedly in a home invasion. It is a grim task, there is a lot to think about and discuss. If you’d like to download the file, please click here.

How to make it fun: (because yes, fun can be found, even in the darkest of places)

  • Create a WhatsApp group with friends and/or family members so you can hold each other accountable

  • There are 43 items on the list - turn it into a 21 Day Challenge!

  • The administrator of the group shares 2 tasks every day

  • Do the work

You might be thinking “Seriously Tanya, what do I care, when I am dead I won’t be worried about anything anymore.” Or perhaps you are one of my young subscribers, believing that the inevitable grip of death is faaar from you.

While that may be true, think of the impact on your loved ones. They will have enough to deal with when you are gone without having to bicker over non existent wills, insurance policies and illegible last wishes scribbled on the back of a serviette after a long night on the town.

Please, love your family enough to get ready to go.

Special thanks to Nikki Bush or raising awareness around this sensitive topic.





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