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Easy as 123...

Following on my blog dated 18 November, titled Why Do You Want to be Rich?:

Have you been doing do one tiny thing each and every day to you closer to your goal? Remember to review your actions every fortnight and plan what you are going to do next fortnight. Reflection is important as you will realise how far you have come and that motivate you to keep moving in the right direction. Forward planning is equally important as it will keep your eyes trained on the prize!

Now, let’s examine the high level steps required to get you closer to your property investing dreams:

TEAM: develop a dream team. Your Core Power Team will include a property specialist tax accountant, a bond originator and solicitors.

STRUCTURE: business and tax. One of the most important considerations when investing in property is to decide what vehicle to put the properties into. This decision needs to be made before you actually sign the offer to purchase. Should you buy in a business, your personal name or a trust?

PROPERTIES: buy according to your strategy. Monitor the demand for properties that fall into your chosen strategy by watching property market indicators such as:

  • Population growth

  • Demand for smaller units

  • Are enough new homes being built?

  • Are people living longer?

  • Divorce rates

Once you find the perfect property, you’ll need to raise the money to invest in your chosen property and finally, manage and protect your portfolio.

See, it’s as easy as 123, when you follow me 😊:-)





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