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What does it take to live an extraordinary life?

Attending a Tony Robbins event has been on my vision board for 5 years. I pictured myself of flying across the globe to see him LIVE, sitting in a huge area hanging off his every word.

When I heard his voice was going and pretty soon, he’d no longer be able to do live events, it felt as if that dream was slipping through my fingers. Even so, I couldn’t justify the spend of international travel, accommodation and the exorbitant course costs.

But then Covid hit, the world went mad and everything shifted.

Tony went online. Not just regular online, he breaks records in the virtual events space with his groundbreaking Unleash The Power Within Live Virtual 360 Interactive Experience ( , which teaches thousands of people how to discover their power to break through limitations, overcome challenges and create the life that they want.

Best part? I could afford the fees AND didn’t have to fly anywhere or book accommodation! I jumped at the chance!

To spend four full days immersed in the magic that is Tony was life changing. I laughed, I cried, I danced, I met and worked alongside people from all over the world.

The reason we have vision boards and set goals is not just to achieve them. It is about the person you BECOME in the achievement of those goals.

Here are some ideas for you to meditate on as YOU design your extraordinary life. Whip out your journal and write the first answers that come to you when you ask yourself these questions:

  1. What does an extraordinary life look like to you?

  2. What’s preventing you from making it happen?

  3. What needs to shift? What actions do you need to take to shift it?

  4. What are the two most stressful thoughts that consistently show up in your life? What triggers them? What does it make you feel or do?

These are crazy uncertain times and there is no certainty to be found “out there” The only place certainty can be found is within you.

  • How to find that certainty?

By unleashing your talents, your capabilities, your unique gifts. By designing YOUR extraordinary life.





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