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Goal Setting

Brian Tracy famously said ‘People who do not have goals are doomed to work forever for those who do.’

In order to get anywhere in life, you need to set a goal. Imagine hopping into your shiny new red BMW X1 and just driving off without knowing where you are heading. That is essentially how you are living your life if you don’t have a goal. Clearly it makes more sense to enter your destination into the GPS when you get in the car and follow the directions to get to your destination or goal.

The same principle applies in property investing. Without a goal, you ain’t going nowhere Honey! You will drift aimlessly from one thing to another. The result? Deep dissatisfaction caused by a nagging suspicion that your precious time has been wasted on things that are either irrelevant or unimportant.

Now picture this. You spent time thinking about what you really want to achieve in life. You have well chosen goals and you spend your time doing things that align with your vision - everything you do has a point and a purpose.

Sure that sounds awesome Tanya, but how DO I get to that dreamy, focused, gal on a mission kind of life you speak about so glowingly?

I gave you a clue in the previous sentence: spend time thinking about what you really want to achieve in life.

Your goals are informed by your WHY. Your why can be defined as what really matters to you.

  • What motivates you?

  • What keeps you going when the going gets tough?

  • What do you want from life?

  • What will make you change your life for good AND be worth the effort.?

Knowing your WHY is important because it keeps you on track AND gives you a reason to keep going. Where there is a will there is a way!!

Once you know your why, set a semi-realistic financial goal. Choose something that will challenge you yet not be totally UN-reachable. Well chosen goals take you out of your comfort zone and present the best opportunity for growth. Your growth.

Now let’s get specific about what you want to achieve. Draw up a plan, being as practical as possible.

  • Write it down

  • Peg it against a timeline,

  • Work back to today so you can figure out what needs to be done.

  • Plan every year, every month, every week and finally, set daily targets.

Consider what will be required to develop the required skills. List the steps you will need to take, such as signing up for a course, studying, reading, speaking to other investors, reading this awesome blog, learning from mentors, etc. Take bold determined action and follow the steps on your list.

Next week we’ll talk STRATEGY, you don’t wanna miss it!