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Building your Property Power Team

Everyone watches in awe (with more than a slight tinge of envy) as Mpumi grows her property portfolio from scratch to SPECTACULAR in just a few years.

How DOES she do it? Seriously though. She has a full-time job, two young kids AND a husband. Is she some kind of Superwoman?!


Mpumi is smart. Mpumi has a secret weapon. A POWER TEAM!

Mpumi knows that one of the best kept secrets to successful property investing is having a strong team of people around you who can help you achieve far more than you could possibly do on your own, commonly known as a Power Team.

Mpumi built her Power Team before she even started looking for investment opportunities. She knows that it's no good finding an amazing deal and then missing out on it, just because you can't move quickly enough.

Go Mpmui Go!

If you are thinking well that’s cool for Mpumi, but how do I start? Who Should Be In my Power Team? keep on reading…

Initially, you will start with a core power team consisting of the essential people you need to make deals happen. With time, you will probably develop an extended power team who will help you systematise the process.

Your Core Power Team

This will include a property specialist tax accountant, a bond originator and solicitors. Let’s consider each of these in turn.

Your Property Specialist Tax Accountant

When it comes to property investing, most accountants will understand the basics but may not have the specialist property tax knowledge required. Everyone is different and so you need to get specialist advice tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

Your property specialist tax accountant will be able to help advise you in the setup of your property business(s). They should also be consulted on all major transactions such as disposal of property or structuring of joint ventures, etc. The correct advice could save you a fortune, so it is well worth paying for some quality personal advice to minimise the amount of tax you pay.

My criteria for selecting a property tax accountant are as follows. They need to be:

  • A property tax specialist

  • A property investor themselves