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How to make your commitments stick!

Enthusiasm without personal discipline is as useless as having a good donkey and a good cart but no harness.

Spring is in the air. Days are getting longer, the air is smelling sweeter. My regular early morning runs have become a lot more busier as the runners who hibernated in winter are braving the early mornings again. Everyone is out working on their summer bodies. With just two weeks to go til spring, they don't stand much chance of transforming their bodies to bikini ready.

Which got me many times have you had "get fit and have my best body ever" on your New Years Resolution list? How many times have you had "Financial Freedom" on that same list?

Once the idea hits, you are inspired, fired up, ready to take on the world. But as the days get shorter and the mornings get colder, snuggling down under the duvet seems like a MUCH more sensible plan. Same goes for chasing financial freedom. That property training you did certainly opened your eyes to the possibilities. For the first couple of weeks, maybe even month, you were unstoppable. But then comments from friends start to wear you down. You hear them at braais, in the corridors at work, it feels like the walls are even shouting at you:

  • "It will never work"

  • "Property is sooooo dangerous"

  • "No one wants to invest in South Africa!"

And besides, there is that new lounge set you saw that would look sooooo amazing in your lounge. Oh and did you see that darling new summer wardrobe? Can't be without it!

And just like that, your lack of personal discipline leaves you with a good donkey, a good cart and no where to go.

Don't let that happen. Develop your discipline by tackling small achievable tasks to build your confidence. Keep your enthusiasm pumping through your veins by reading the right books and listening to podcasts, take calculated steps towards your dreams, surround yourself with people on the same mission as you, get yourself a coach to keep your eyes on the prize.

And in the words of Winston Churchill: never, never, never, never, never give up.

WHAT I AM READING: Cashflow Quadrant: Robert T Kiyosaki