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Drowning in debt? Here's how to swim your way out of it





Every week we focus on strategies to create passive income and increase your wealth. But how do you get there if you are drowning in debt?

Here are ten top tips to help you bounce back fast!

1. Assess the damage

Go through your bank and credit card statements. Determine which budget categories were impacted and by how much. Don’t be tempted to skip this step. You can’t fix your financial woes until you define what they are.

2. Keep a money diary

Documenting your spending in a money diary will be an eye-opener. Understanding your spending habits will make you think critically about your spending in future.

3. Pay yourself first

You need savings to cover unexpected expenses. Move money to your savings automatically before you even see it. If you don’t currently save, start with 5%. Then add one percent monthly until you reach a minimum of 20%.

4. Return eligible items

Are there items you simply HAD to have because they were on sale? If you haven’t worn them yet, return them. Money will make you feel more empowered than any dress ever could. Did you receive unwanted gifts? Return them.

5. Find an accountability partner

Find a friend or ask your partner to keep you accountable. Agree on certain targets and a check in date. You will be less inclined to spend randomly when you know you must explain later!

6. Pay it off

Contact your bank to consolidate your debt into the account that offers the lowest interest rate. Instead of hiding from the problem, being upfront and honest about your situation will yield surprising results.

7. Take time to understand why you spent so much

Do some self-reflection and figure out what happened. Unless you address the root cause, your overspending is not going to stop. You’ll find yourself repeating these same steps over and over again.

8. Give Every Rand a Job

To curb your overspending habits, find a home for every Rand in your budget. If you have excess money left over once your bills are settled, transfer it into your savings account to stop thoughtless purchases simply because your bank balance is not yet zero.

9. Set Short Term Financial Goals

Kick off the new year with some goals to remind yourself of the good reasons you’re making a few sacrifices to get yourself back on track. Set simple attainable goals, such as “I will decrease my spending on eating out from R800 a month to R100 a month.”

10. Delay Gratification

Before you buy, imagine how you’ll be using that "must-have" item a month from now.

Will that dress still look good after a few washes? Will your kids still be playing with that gimmicky toy? If you really need it, work it into your future budget and buy it without the guilt because it’s in the budget.

Which tips are you going to implement in your life today? Remember nothing changes unless YOU change!


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