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What does it take to be a great property investor? Week Five: Network




Looking for steps to follow to ensure greatness on your property journey? Here are eight characteristics you need to cultivate to become unstoppable:









Each week, we will focus on one of these skill sets so by the end of eight weeks, you'll have a rock solid action plan! If you miss a week, you can find them all on my website:

Week 5: NETWORK: This week, we will focus on networks (next week, power teams!)

If the idea of going along to a networking event, walking into a room filled with complete strangers fills you with are not alone!

Most people would rather stay home on their couch with a glass of crispy white binge watching the latest reality drivel (oops, did I just type that? I meant show, reality show) Trouble with that is if you stay on that couch, you can only ever be as successful as your couch! And no one wants that, not even if it is the softest, comfiest leather couch in the history of ever.

For the brave few who venture out and attend networking events, you'll attest to the fact that is a wonderful way to meet like minded people. Property networking events are springing up all over the country and offer invaluable support and guidance to people trying to make it big in the property world. Two of my favorites ones to attend are EPIC Networking events and SA Property Investors Networking events. Google them to find out more.

Last week we said that you become like the people with whom you spend the most time. The influence of those around us is incredibly powerful! If your current social group does not invest in property, where are you going to get that creative and supportive input from? Head along to a networking event and grow your circle of friends to include people on the same path as you.

Still feeling alarmed at the idea? Prepare yourself beforehand as follows:

  • Make sure you have business cards, really easy to design something simple on (for freeeeee and print off a few copies)

  • Think of a few questions before you get there to break the ice. For example:

  • what goal do you hope to accomplish before the end of the year?

  • what book are you reading at the moment?

  • who inspires you?

  • how long have you been investing in property for?

  • have you ever tried (insert investing strategy) before and if so, how did it work out for you?

These questions are great conversation starters. Let the conversation lead onto other topics as you find out more about the people you are networking with. You'll hit it off instantly with some people and find yourself backing away slowly from others. It is all good. Keep going!

Once you have belong to a strong network, you can lean in to find out more about possible deals, new strategies, areas that are hot for investing at the moment - and whatever else you wanted to know about property but were too afraid to ask!


WHAT I AM READING: Acta Non Verba - The Playbook For Creating, Achieving And Performing At Your Highest Level by Erik Kruger

Erik Kruger is a high-performance coach and founder of the Mental Performance Lab. He writes an email early each morning which he sends to many thousands of subscribers. The aim of his daily message is to inspire people, asking them to reflect and act. Packed with more than 160 thoughtful reflections on what it takes to live a life of action and not words, Acta Non Verba’s purpose is to get people moving, creating, and generating an unstoppable drive in both their business and personal journeys.

The words Acta Non Verba is the sign-off Erik uses in all his emails. This simple Latin phrase, meaning ‘Actions Not Words’, has started a movement. It’s a plea; a call to create your life instead of living it by default, a call to show your intentions instead of merely speaking about them. It’s a call to live to your fullest potential. This is not a book to read from cover to cover, in one sitting. Each day there is a new chapter waiting to be read. Put this book on your bedside table, and read a new chapter with your first cup of coffee every morning. Each message is short so you can read it quickly, in the moment, and then reflect and act on it for the entire day. It’s a book that demands action.


Remember, it’s not about the words on these pages; it’s about what you do with them.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: What are YOU thinking about? Are the results reflected in your life?



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