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Why you shouldn't be afraid to try something new by embracing your inner teenager!

This week, I decided to take a last minute break to the beach! There is only so much a gal can take of those icy Jozi winters so the decision was an easy one. I have been soaking up the sun and salty water with our daughters and my two nephews, Ryan and Michael.

Ryan turned 18 in April. He drove us all the way from Jozi to Ballito. I marveled at how not that long ago, we used to rock him to sleep as he wailed loudly from dreadful colic cramps. Now I get to relax in the passenger seat as he capably drives us hundreds of kilometers to our holiday destination!

Interestingly, it took him about 10 kilometers to figure my car out - while navigating the streets of Jozi. I got a new car in March last year and since I knew how to make it go fast and stop, I thought I had it waxed! Ryan got into the car and instantly figured out how to use the cruise control, play his music from his cell, use brake hold and a seemingly endless other array of features I kind of vaguely knew about but made zero effort to master.

How many times in life do we do that? Use something at a percentage of its capability? Use it just enough to get by? Perhaps even our brains!

Embrace your inner teenager today and take a closer, deeper look. You might be amazed by what you learn!

Now I must dash, the beach a result, I will pick up on WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A GREAT PROPERTY INVESTOR? next week!

WHAT I AM READING: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert