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How to keep going when the going gets tough

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Regardless of your career or depth of experience in property investing, at some point everyone faces the perilous position of burnout, anxiety and exhaustion.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track.

1. Treat property investing like a business

It may seem obvious, but if you’re pouring tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Rands into property, you should probably take it seriously. Amazingly, that’s often not the case as many investors float along with minimal or sporadic effort.

If you treat investing like a hobby, you will get hobby results. If you want to maximize your investments and make it as stress-free as possible, make sure you have your things organized, block off time during the day for crucial tasks, keep meticulous records of your investments, create a daily routine and a daily schedule.

2. Keep your goal in focus

When the turmoil of life and work feel overwhelming, take a step back. Pause and reflect on the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish and let your dream fuel you.

3. Don’t buy into the short-term hype

Take the long-term view when investing in property. The media is so negative these days that any little bit of information becomes a big, negative news story about how the property market is going to crash and burn. Most of it is probably not true. If you are focused on the long term, you don’t need to buy into the hype. Sure, bumps in the road are going to come at some point, but they don’t need to derail your investing dreams.

4. Exercise your mind and body

You’ll never progress as a property investor if you don’t challenge yourself. Regardless of your investing goals and breadth of experience, you need to keep learning and cultivating your craft.

Whether it’s your full-time career or whether it’s your side hustle, continuous professional development is crucial.

In addition to developing your mind, make sure you also take care of your health.

When you stay in shape mentally and physically, everything becomes easier to handle. You’re the most important person for yourself, your financial future, and your family’s financial future.


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I discovered Abby through Glennon Doyle and wow, what a find! Abby became an icon because of her remarkable wisdom as a leader. I love everything Abby stands for and fights for. For those of you who don't know her, she was the captain of the US Soccer Team and led them to victory in the World Cup in 2015.

Wolfpack is a MUST read for women and particularly young girls across the globe. (yes, absolutely relevant for men too!)

Abby Wambach’s message to all women is: If we keep playing by the Old Rules, we will never change the game. Welcome to the New Rules. Welcome to the Wolfpack.



So is all about working together. Together we can do more, be more and have more.



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