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Property Investing Trends: Trend # 6: Estate living for security:

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PROPERTY INVESTING TRENDS: Trend # 5: Estate living for security:

With the increasing demand for safety and security, purchasing houses within security estates has seen growing popularity.

Security is a major concern for anyone living in South Africa at the moment. High walls and electric fencing hide the burglar bars and Trellidoors most people cage themselves behind. Streets are no longer filled with happy children cycling around without a care in the world.

Enter estate living! Offering state of the art security, parks and security that would have you believing you had been transported back to 60's and 70's has people clamoring to move to a bubble that offers a lifestyle most people living in the city can only dream of.

What does this mean for you as a property investor? Well, not a lot really. Estates inevitably charge high levies and seldom sport the kind of properties professional property investors are looking for. The Body Corporate makes sure all properties are kept in good shape and this makes dirty smelly properties even harder to come by.

Even so, you can take advantage of the trend by renting YOURSELF a lifestyle! Consider renting a home in an estate because you can rent for WAY cheaper than you can buy. Most people balk at the idea of renting a primary residence, but if it means you can 'live the life' for less, you might be tempted to follow the trend. Simply rent out your existing home so you can rent in a lifestyle estate and enjoy the freedom it provides.

You're welcome :-)

SKILLS FOCUS: Time Management

Faced with a To Do list longer than Rapunzel's plait? Use this filtering technique to decide what to tackle first. Ask yourself does it FIT ME?

F = will it contribute to your FUTURE in any way? In other words, is it a project that you can leverage off in future? Will it bring you more business, clients or exposure? If not, stop right then. Just say no.

I = does it INTEREST or INSPIRE you? If you are to trade your precious time for something, you need to be interested in it or inspired by it. Is it something new you can learn or something you have always wanted to know more about? Does it encourage you to do more, be more or achieve more? If yes, keep going. If not, walk away.

T = how much TIME will it take you to do it? If it doesn't take long, you might say yes to help a friend or the community out. Beware though; we tend to underestimate how long things take to complete so be realistic about the effort involved. If it will be time-consuming, how will that fit into your current schedule? What will you have to give up for you to fit in this new piece of work? If it will contribute to your future and you are interested in it, the chances are good you juggle your priorities and free up some time for it.

M = how much MONEY will it cost me? Money circulates from those who value it least to those who value it most. Be sure your focus is on value otherwise the person next to you is