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Tis the season to throw away all reason…

As Christmas draws nearer, a dangerous consumeristic frenzy grips everyone in its icy claws. Conversations revolve around gifts, what DID you get, what SHOULD you get, how can you MAKE it special, how MUCH should you get?

Even more so if you have children. What if their little hearts break because they didn’t get the latest gadgety thing. Yep, that very same thing they didn’t even know they wanted until the marketers got hold of them. What if you let them down?

Even I, who pride myself for flying in the face of mindless spending, feel little twinges of hysteria because are there enough gifts under the tree for our darling daughters and shouldn’t I just get him and her and them a little something too?

I decided the best solution is to avoid the shops. Solid plan. I can’t overspend if I am not there! I can’t be swept away by the tide if I am not on the beach.

If you are serious about changing your financial life, you can't afford to overspend for short term gain. Do what other people won’t do today so you can have what other people don’t have tomorrow. Keep your eye firmly focused on the end goal. Do it because the future you will thank you.

Focus on what really matters this festive season. Family. Life. Love. Joy. The gift of another day to make a difference in someone else’s life. THAT matters.

This year, hand write a note for everyone in your family. Let them know:

  • one thing they did this year that made you feel really proud

  • one thing they did this year that you really appreciated

  • one way in which they touched your heart this year

The gift of acknowledgement is priceless. That gift will mean more than a cheap toy from China that will be broken by the time the turkey is carved.

Then switch off your phone. Pay attention to your family. Hug them. Spend time with them doing nothing in particular. Be present.

YOU are the best present they could ever ask for.





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