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Love is a Choice

Disney would have us believe in happily ever after. When we are young, healthy, optimistic and in love, it is easy to believe. 20 years on (today!) I can confirm that nothing could be further from the truth.

The day you say "I do" is the day the real work begins. It is easy to be charming and delightful most of the time, Living with someone exposes the you under the charm.

Life throws unexpected challenges your way, the kind that catch you off guard and send you reeling. There will be days when you are disillusioned, heartbroken or sick. Thankfully there will also be days when life is smooth and easy and everything just works.

Children come along and change your priorities, change your relationship. You'll learn, you'll grow and perhaps you'll become fundamentally different.

Through it all, you have to choose to dig deep, stand strong and stand together.

It is easy to walk away, it takes effort, hard work and courage to stay.

Thank you for choosing to stay.





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