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Let go of WHAT IS to allow WHAT MIGHT BE

How are you creating your future? Are you dragging limiting preconceived ideas into it? If so, you are simply creating more of the same.

If you:

· expect a certain outcome

· expect people to behave a certain way

· expect things to work out in a set sequence

…chances are it will. Law of attraction ensures that you get what you are looking for.

What if you shook your all off old thought patterns and limiting beliefs? What if you simply went into the future with an open mind and an open heart?

What if you didn’t expect it to be anything other than what it is?

You cannot control the future. You can only set out positive intentions. Give it space. Be kind. Be present. Listen. And let it be what it might be.

Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the ways things work out. And things are ALWAYS working out for you.

Now isn’t that a much more powerful way to create your future?





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