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Do you long for financial freedom, fun and a rich, juicy, joyous, dream life? Well, you are in the right place!

Tanya Haffern


Exploring multiple income streams, happiness, financial freedom and inspiration.

What do you desire most in life?







Bricks for Chicks Cover


Bricks for Chicks

JUST BRICKS, NO BULLSHIT. Property investing for women. So you can take control of your financial destiny. Because a love affair with knowledge will never end in heartache.

What if you:

  • knew how to invest in property that puts cash in your pocket?

  • felt in control of your finances?

  • had more disposable income at the end of every month?

If you want to start investing in property but feel overwhelmed by the terminology, the expense and the inherent risk, this book is going to change your life, starting TODAY.

In Bricks for Chicks, seasoned and savvy property investor Tanya Haffern introduces budding investors to property investment, demystifies industry lingo and outlines the basic strategies investors can employ to maximise returns. With this step-by-step, practical – and fun! – guide, Tanya aims to inspire and encourage women (and men … yes, they too can benefit from this book) to start and grow their own property portfolio, and increase their financial skill set to acquire the confidence to become financially independent.

If you are looking for invaluable insights from a battle-sharpened, clued-up, kick-ass chick who doesn’t pull any punches and, at the same time, will inspire you to succeed in property investment, then you’re in luck! Bricks for Chicks was written for you.

Available at all good bookstores or email

Home Property


Have you always wanted to invest in property but find it overwhelming?

Property investing house

Keep an eye out for my new book Bricks for Chicks about property investing coming soon!


Do you want to invest in property but don’t know where to start?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the terminology, expense and inherent risk?

Let’s change that.

What if you could…

  • Understand which properties to invest in 

  • Feel in control of your finances

  • Have a lot more money at the end of every month - without working harder

My dream is to inspire and encourage you to start and grow your very own property portfolio.

Ready? Let’s do this!


Do you wish you knew how to make more money?

If you believe that sitting in your cubicle diligently doing your work is a guarantee your job will be here next month, think again. Keeping your head down and doing what you have been told to do is no longer a safe plan or even a good plan. It is quite possible the WORST plan.

It’s time to wake up, rub your eyes and acknowledge the realty of our world. The truth is you are either building someone else’s dream, or you are building your own.

Now is YOUR time.

Work with me and discover the simple effective steps you can take to create wealth and wellness with ease.

Take the first step and get more details about Sidehustle Academy. Learn how to take control of your own destiny, take a leap of faith to follow your passion and create your own opportunities.

Home Sidehustle


Would you like to be one of those people for whom people instinctively fall quiet and really listen, whose words carry real weight and impact? 

Making ourselves heard is a challenge simply because most of us have never been trained to speak effectively. Imagine having the confidence of knowing that you are going to deliver a fantastic speech, online and in person, every time you present. Imagine having specific skills and habits that will enable you to look confident and poised in every presentation.

You will be understood. Your audience members will remember your key points. And that will enable your audience to take the actions you want. 

Do you want to understand the ‘business’ of speaking in order to get maximum exposure and position yourself as an expert in your field?

Imagine knowing how to prepare for a presentation or public speaking engagement, how to improve your presentation during the presentation as well as how to find ways to calm yourself for the big day?

Contact me to become a more effective communicator and speak with confidence, authority and impact.

Public speaking microphone
Home Public Speaking


Tanya Haffern

Tanya Haffern is an award-winning speaker, trainer and author, dedicated to helping you reframe your financial mindset. 


Tanya is admired and respected in property investing, business and education circles for her work in inspiring people to think differently about their potential, their income and their future. 

Tanya is the author of two books: Escaping Corporate Bondage and Bricks for Chicks.

She is a prolific speaker and has presented extensively in South Africa as well as Singapore, Brussels and the United Kingdom.

Tanya thrives presenting at high-end conferences, online or one on one. 

Tanya is the Immediate Past President of Carpe Diem Breakfast Toastmasters Club.


#sidehustle was interactive and a great push in the right direction. Very informative and worth doing.


Sidehustle Academy

Thank you so much for your effort in this training session. Your wit, humour and energetic charm was a delight. You are skilled, equipped and most certainly passionate about leaving a legacy behind. 


Rich Dad Education


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