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Goal Mapping Template

Reference page 13.

Business plan Template

Reference page 64.

Offer to Purchase tips and tricks

Reference page 123.

Strategy Template

Reference page 15.

Distressed Seller Script

Reference page 93.

Communication Tracking

Spreadsheet for tracking communications with your Power Team.

Reference page 123.

Calculations Template

Reference page 45.

Advert Examples

Reference page 106.

Insights on Rent to Rent and other strategies 

Reference page 54.

Please also refer to the blog page for more details. 

Viewing Checklist

Reference page 118.

Lean into my conversation with Kwena Moabelo on PowerFM as we discuss women in property, entrepreneurship, youth development and why financial education matters.


Interview with Alexander Liebner host of The SANDTON TIMES HOUR on Mix93.8 FM

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