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There is life and there is death, and in between, there is...?

There is birth, there is death and in between there is maintenance.

Yay! You are out there, growing your Buy To Let portfolio, the tenants are paying their rent, you are making a tidy profit and everything is going swimmingly well.

Until your tenants start calling. The grass hasn’t been mowed in a month. The bathroom basin has an incessant drip. The kitchen tiles are chipped. The recent rains resulted in a swollen wooden front door. The gate motor doesn’t work correctly anymore thanks to all the load shedding.

ARRRGGH!!! There go your profits…up in smoke – POOF!

But what if doing maintenance was ALWAYS part of the plan, part of your monthly calculations?

How different would you feel about the string of requests then?

As a professional property investor, 10% of the gross monthly rental you receive from your Buy To Let property is put aside to cover maintenance. Every. Single. Month. No exceptions – not even for your birthday month or when you are taking that well deserved holiday. Nope…every month, without fail. Then, when things go wrong, and they will, you have a pot of cash to dip into which will cover the costs.

Sure, sometimes there will be BIG expenses and even if you turn your pot upside down and shake it hard, there just isn’t enough cash falling out of it to cover the costs.


But think about how much better off you will be having that pot by your side, otherwise that cold hard cash is coming out of your piggy bank. Ouch!

Some months will have no expenses at all whereas other months will feel crushingly expensive. If you are putting that 10% aside every month you will see that over the course of a year, it all evens out.

Using this strategy will ensure you can have delighted, well cared for tenants who will eagerly pay their rent.

Another side effect? A happy, wealthy you!

Because…there is birth, there is death and in between there is maintenance.






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