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How attached should you really be?


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Stacy is an incredibly skilled hairdresser who has cut out a wonderful future for herself, carefully saving her excess cash and building a nice little buy to let portfolio on the side.

Stacy has it ALL figured out, the right mix of apartments and houses generating the right kind of passive income to keep Grace the Passive Income Fairy knocking every month with a big wad of cash in her hand.

One day, Stacy gets a call from Pierre. “Are you interested in selling your house, centrally located on a busy corner in Northcliff?”

Knee jerk reaction – “Absolutely not. That place is one of my favourites, it cashflows well and it is not for sale!”

“How about I offer you cold hard cash? And to make it worth your while, I will throw in an extra R100,000 to sweeten the deal?”

Hmmm…maybe. But why? Turns out Pierre runs Easy Breezy Kitchens and is looking to build a showroom on the property.

Before making ANY decision, it is crucial to look at the numbers.

If Stacy sells:

  • What amount is outstanding on the bond?

  • How much are the early settlement fees if the bond is cancelled earlier?

  • How much can Stacy claim back against the property to reduce her profit and as a result, reduce her capital gains tax?

  • How much would Stacy save selling without estate agent fees?

versus…if Stacy holds:

  • How much is the property putting into her pocket on a monthly basis?

  • How much are repairs and renovations on the now ageing property likely to cost her over the next couple of years?

  • How likely is she able to sell it as a residential property in future given the changes, she has made to suit the multiple tenants currently living in the property?

At 2am Stacy sits bolt upright in bed. Her dreams came knocking and reminded her that she had been wanting to get into bigger developments but didn’t have enough cash to get involved. Selling Northcliff for cash would give her the golden ticket to uplevel her dreams!

Stacy calls Pierre to discuss the finer details then gives the bank written notice of her intention to cancel her home loan.

Now I am ALL for having a plan and working that plan.

But sometimes, serendipity comes knocking and presents a different option.

If things are really easy and just flow, it might just be time to think again.

This week, I encourage you to have a plan – and hold it lightly.

Leave space for the universe to surprise and delight you!






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