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Ever heard of the piñata effect?

Ever watched kids at a party, taking turns to break open the piñata?

(if you are wondering what on earth a piñata is, let me help you out: "a decorated figure of an animal containing toys and sweets that is suspended from a height and broken open by blindfolded children as part of a celebration.")

The first kid goes up, usually the strongest one. Gives the piñata a good whack. Nothing. Tries again. Still nothing. Gives it a last half hearted swipe before handing the baton over to the next kid in line.

The next kid, now feeling slightly less confident having witnessed that fail, tries a couple of times - not really believing the piñata can be broken.

And so it goes. The longer it takes, the bigger the stories.

"That piñata will NEVER break, it's a trick, it is pointless, let's find another game, one we are good at!"

And then eventually, the petit little kid walks up to the piñata, gives it a gentle tap and BAM, instantly showered in sweets.

Question is: who broke the piñata?

They ALL did. Every time it was hit, it made it a little weaker until eventually, there was a tipping point and the piñata broke open.

How many times do you walk away JUST before the piñata was about to break? Stop trying JUST before you got your big break?

Looking for that perfect buy to let property for months on end before deciding this property gig is rigged, it's too hard, it will never work - let's go find a new game.

Only to discover that the following week a friend found a dream property in the very area you had been looking in.

Next time you are about to give up on your property investing dreams, (or any other dream you are chasing) think about the piñata. You could be one phone call, one chance meeting, one step away from your goal. Gather up all your strength and give it one more try.

You never know, you might just be showered in success!






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