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Under The Influence

Wait, what? Has Tanya has finally gone mad and is now writing about alcohol, all thanks to the strict lockdown regulations in South Africa?

Well no. Not quite, although that was very annoying, nothing like having something taken away from you to make you obsess about HAVING.TO.HAVE.IT. And finally realise that actually, you don’t REALLY need it at all.

Which got me thinking that in reality, we are always under the influence. Sure, the most obvious influences are alcohol and drugs. But have you considered what other influences you are under?

Influences like the people you surround yourself with, the conversations you have, the books you read, the music you listen to, the podcasts you subscribe to and of course, the TV series you binge watch on Netflix.

What kind of influence does that have on you?

Do you feel uplifted, inspired, challenged?

Or does it feel comforting and familiar – and if you are entirely honest with yourself, a little boring. The days tick by without much challenge or change?

If that exercise made you feel like you need to revamp your entire life (or even just make a few tweaks!) don’t let it overwhelm you. Small, conscious steps to change what you immerse yourself in will make dramatic changes over time.

Pay attention to how you feel and what you think. Think about how you WANT to feel. Include more of what triggers those feelings into your day. Start small, think big, feel better.

If you want to live an exceptional life, best take a close look at what you are under the influence of.





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