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Are you looking for FREE entrepreneurial training?

Entrepreneurship Development Training Announcement

A friend of mine is offering this training and I wanted to make sure my valued “Wealthy Wednesday” subscribers had a chance to grab this wonderful opportunity!

Read on to find out more...

The program will consist of 2 solid weeks of face to face training and then online coaching and mentoring. The training will be in English and at the end the delegate will receive a certificate which is a NQF level 2 qualification from SASSETA.

The program only allows for 100 applicants and the deadline for submission is the 20th of January 2021 and not the 14th of January as stated on the website.

Please note that if the applicant does not have a business yet then the business documents aren’t required but a business plan is, which if they don’t have one then they can download the example from the site and watch the tutorial on how to make a business plan.

The plan doesn’t have to be complicated but the adjudicators who will be assessing the application will want to see if the business idea has merit or not.

Willing applicants can contact Richard Francis on 079 283 1272 or





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