What does it take to be a great property investor? Week Eight: Action!

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Looking for steps to follow to ensure greatness on your property journey? Here are eight characteristics you need to cultivate to become unstoppable:









Each week, we will focus on one of these skill sets so by the end of eight weeks, like as in NOW, you'll have a rock solid action plan! If you miss a week, you can find them all on my website:

Week 8: ACTION!: Underlined with an exclamation mark because it is THAT important!


The final characteristic required to be a successful property investor is hands down the most important one. You can learn as much as you possibly cram into that lovely head of yours, attend networking events every single evening, spend your entire weekend viewing houses...but if you don't COMMIT at some point, nothing will change.

By taking massive action I mean taking actionable steps such as creating your business cards to show the world you are serious about investing, finding the perfect property, running the numbers and then ACTUALLY signing the offer to purchase, your property investing dreams will remain just that - dreams!

The simple truth is that dreams, visions and goals are achieved and accomplished only through action.

The power is in your hands now, are you going to spend more time learning? Or get out there and start DOING?

WHAT I AM READING: Becoming Your Best by Steven Shallenberger

Becoming Your Best reveals the lessons you need to follow in order to reach your highest potential and drive the kind of innovation that turns good companies into industry leaders―all while living a well-balanced personal life. Learn the 12 principles for developing a culture of excellence, including:

  • Be True to Character

  • Lead with a Vision

  • Prioritize Your Time

  • Innovate through Imagination

  • Be Accountable

  • Live in Peace and Balance

  • Be an Effective Communicator

Divided into three thematic sections―Transformational Leadership, Transformational Teams and Relationships, and Transformational Living―Becoming Your Best is packed with advice, tools, and examples for turning your thoughts into action, motivating yourself and your people, inspiring teams to solve problems creatively, and building the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I am thrilled to announce that I going to Durban on Sunday to become a certified Becoming Your Best this space for details!


Did you know I present talks on:

  • WORK LIFE BALANCE FOR WOMEN: My keynote address discussing ideas and suggestions on how to create the elusive balance we all chase!

  • FINANCIAL WELLNESS: Learn how to build wealth, budget, save, and invest properly, formulate a workable plan to get you out of debt as quickly as possible, know your financial status and understand where your money goes and so much more!

  • HOW TO PRESENT POWERFULLY: Learn how to communicate your message with confidence and ease.

  • DEALING WITH RETRENCHMENT: Understand how to navigate the nightmare of retrenchment with confidence and create a new life on your own terms

  • MORNING RITUALS: The way you begin your day has a profound impact upon you feel and how your day flows for you. Learn how to experience life in a peak state most of the time, and you will experience more joy, fulfillment and success as a result.

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