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The point of no return

In life we come to many crossroads. Should I go left or right? Follow this advice or that? How can you possibly know which is the right way to go?

I do know for sure that when faced with a difficult choice, you should be brave. Follow what makes you happy. That way, no matter how things turn out, your time will have been well spent pursuing that which sets your soul on fire.

If you decide to choose the path less traveled, you will comfort yourself by thinking “if this fails, I can always go back. Retrace my steps, get back on the well-trodden path. Go back to what feels familiar and known.”

But if you keep going down the rabbit hole, seeing how far this new road will take you, you will wake up one day and realise you have somehow passed the point of no return. You can no longer go back to who you were before. Something fundamental has shifted and you simply don’t belong there anymore.

While this can feel terrifying, especially to those of us who like to have a Plan B for all eventualities, it is also incredibly liberating. After all, a lack of alternatives amazingly clears the mind.

I believe this feeling is inevitable for anyone doing something slightly left of center with their lives, whether it is choices you make in property investing, in your career or even your marriage.

Where do you belong now? You might feel a little lost, slightly disoriented. You are in no man’s land.

And that’s OK. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that this too shall pass. Then one day soon, you will wake up feeling totally at home in your new normal. Totally OK with your courageous new life.

That is the path of all progress, the path of the brave.

I hope you make bold decisions in your life. I hope you feel the tingle of uncertainty and the thrill of being on the edge of something new, something completely unpredictable.

I hope you choose to feel alive!





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