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Discover the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to improve your financial health and ultimately build a financially secure and independent life

Are you wired for SUCCESS...or failure?

I travel around South Africa training large groups of people how to invest in South Africa. They are all there to learn, all there with the intent to change their lives. Some of the students choose to join the Legacy family and continue their education with us. Our goal is to make sure everyone leaves the weekend inspired and determined to change their lives.

So why is it that some students soar while others crawl?

Some students who struggle say it is because the hype is over. The energy just dissipated as time wore on. Look it was fun, but it was not for real.

Be Bold. Do What The Ordinary Fear.

While motivation is an important factor to keep you going, I believe it is based on basic personality traits. Those who are tenaciously daring will succeed. Those who struggle with self-doubt and fear will be consumed in the flames of the start-up fire. It is not the smart who get ahead, it is the BOLD.

Have you ever tried to follow a new career path? Tried to start a business?

If so, you will be all too familiar with the flames of the start-up fire!

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end. But the students who can’t navigate ‘hard’, who run for cover when the turbulence of ‘messy’ hits - those are the students who will never succeed. It takes grit and it takes determination. And it takes time.

Following an unusual path is fraught with challenges. Society – your family, friends, colleagues and even your boss – will pressurise you to just stick to the 9 to 5 drill.

“Besides”, they will say,

  • “Everyone else is working then so what will you do with your free time? “

  • “Look it was a nice pipe dream but let’s face it, financial freedom is just an illusion.”

  • “You have a good job, why can’t you just be grateful?”

  • “You are working too hard, wearing yourself out and where is the return?”

  • “Just settle down and get back to life as usual, it will be sooo much easier.”

What personality type are you? Are you able to withstand the pressure of daring to do something new? Or will you console yourself with well-worn platitudes? Turn back to the familiar grindstone at the first sign of trouble?

Greatness is in all of us. You CAN overcome fear and self doubt. You CAN do this.






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