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Tanya Haffern demonstrates a unique understanding of the mindset of people stuck in a corporate environment, but yearning for more. She has a great understanding of the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs face, and provides well researched and practical solutions to overcome these challenges, while at the same time finding happiness and well being.


"I liked your frankness and honesty about the difficulties and inevitable failures of choosing the entrepreneur route –  people can so easily romanticise the notion of being an entrepreneur"


"I very much like the fact that there is a lot of practical stuff  presented in a motivational way."


"Your style is easy and chatty and informative. The book has  pace and life and humour that was not there at anything like the same level."

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Read Tanya's bestselling book today to discover your own route to living life on your terms!

In this book, Tanya offer suggestions and advice so you can program your mind for success as you prepare to take the leap. Learn that when you live FROM your passion, it means you live WITH passion.

It is based on Tanya's experience and knowledge but is by no means prescriptive.

Feel encouraged to take action to create your own opportunity.  Whatever you are looking for you are going to find.

If you are looking for success and freedom, congratulations – you have discovered the right book!

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