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Wealthy Wednesday: 28 August 2019

How DO I find the perfect property? First time home owners dream of getting onto the property ladder. Of course, the house in question must be picture perfect – the kind of house you can move into in the morning and invite friends over for sundowners that very same day! While that dream holds appeal, remember that if the property needs absolutely zero work to make it liveable, it means there is no money in the deal. If you want to make money by investing in property, you have to find something that requires work. If the property really is perfect in every way, how can you possibly increase its value? Think of it like this: if most people walk into the house and fall in love with it, it is no

Wealthy Wednesday: 21 August 2019

What is the point of chasing wealth if you have no health? Since Thursday last week, I have been standing at my mother's bedside in the CCU (cardiac care unit) during visiting hours. Holding her hand, trying to comfort her, reassure her that this will pass. It has been interesting to observe my reactions. Some days I want to change my diet to juicing spinach and kale while lying in an ozone bath meditating and other days, I just want to drown my fears in a bottle of wine. Yesterday, while sitting in the waiting room for one of the many doctors attending to her to see us, I picked up an Afrikaans magazine and attempted to read it. I could sort of make out the story line - the pictures helped

Wealthy Wednesday: 14 August 2019

Enthusiasm without personal discipline is as useless as having a good donkey and a good cart but no harness. Spring is in the air. Days are getting longer, the air is smelling sweeter. My regular early morning runs have become a lot more busier as the runners who hibernated in winter are braving the early mornings again. Everyone is out working on their summer bodies. With just two weeks to go til spring, they don't stand much chance of transforming their bodies to bikini ready. Which got me many times have you had "get fit and have my best body ever" on your New Years Resolution list? How many times have you had "Financial Freedom" on that same list? Once the idea hits, you a

Wealthy Wednesday: 7 August 2019

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO READ ABOUT ON THE WEEKLY BLOG? SEND ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS ON I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Every week we focus on strategies to create passive income and increase your wealth. But how do you get there if you are drowning in debt? Here are ten top tips to help you bounce back fast! 1. Assess the damage Go through your bank and credit card statements. Determine which budget categories were impacted and by how much. Don’t be tempted to skip this step. You can’t fix your financial woes until you define what they are. 2. Keep a money diary Documenting your spending in a money diary will be an eye-opener. Understanding your spending habits will make you t

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