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Are you ready to breathe reality into your beautiful dreams in 2019?

The New Year is the time to think about your intentions. You’re probably setting big goals right now... I can help you make them all come to life! I am SOOOO excited to reveal the program I have been hard at work creating for YOU based on principles and ideas featured in my book, ESCAPING CORPORATE BONDAGE 🤩 Start setting your first goal today by enlisting my help as your personal mentor to make 2019 your best year yet! 🤓 I am committed to helping YOU succeed so am releasing this incredible program for less than the cost of a cappuccino a week! ☕️ Follow a 12 month program where you’ll be empowered to grow and continually transform yourself while focusing on a new pillar of success each mo

Tis the season to throw away all reason…

As Christmas draws nearer, a dangerous consumeristic frenzy grips everyone in its icy claws. Conversations revolve around gifts, what DID you get, what SHOULD you get, how can you MAKE it special, how MUCH should you get? Even more so if you have children. What if their little hearts break because they didn’t get the latest gadgety thing. Yep, that very same thing they didn’t even know they wanted until the marketers got hold of them. What if you let them down? Even I, who pride myself for flying in the face of mindless spending, feel little twinges of hysteria because are there enough gifts under the tree for our darling daughters and shouldn’t I just get him and her and them a little somet

The point of no return

In life we come to many crossroads. Should I go left or right? Follow this advice or that? How can you possibly know which is the right way to go? I do know for sure that when faced with a difficult choice, you should be brave. Follow what makes you happy. That way, no matter how things turn out, your time will have been well spent pursuing that which sets your soul on fire. If you decide to choose the path less traveled, you will comfort yourself by thinking “if this fails, I can always go back. Retrace my steps, get back on the well-trodden path. Go back to what feels familiar and known.” But if you keep going down the rabbit hole, seeing how far this new road will take you, you will wake

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