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Am I ever gonna quit? Hell no

Anyone who tells you being an entrepreneur is easy is lying. Easy is going to work every day and being paid regularly at the end of every month. Easy is having someone else decide what is the most important thing for you to work on next. Easy is being told what to study next. Easy is having colleagues to chat to during lunch breaks and coffee breaks. Turns out, having a job is easy. What is not easy is deciding to follow the path less travelled. Deciding to strike it out on your own. There are some serious challenges out here in the arena. Ones you cannot imagine or predict. It is hard to motivate yourself every. single. day. To keep taking steps towards your dream. It is hard to know where

You're Invited!

Do you live in Johannesburg or Cape Town? Get to our LAST event to meet and network with like minded investors! EPIC NETWORKING MEETING JOHANNESBURG: Wed 21 November EPIC NETWORKING MEETING CAPE TOWN: Tues November 27 I am delighted to be talking about my latest book, ESCAPING CORPORATE BONDAGE, at the networking events in Jozi and CT. A must-attend event for anyone interested in property investing and learning about how it can change your life. Book your place now! Event starts at 18.30pm. Book your tickets through Quicket: Johannesburg event Cape Town event Can't wait to see you there!

Buy To Let - without the fret!

I love this strategy because it puts money in my pocket every month freeing me up to spend more time in my hammock in my bikini! Here are some of my top tips to edge you closer to your hammock: 1. Buy to a qualified demand: do your research, make sure the property you want to invest in is in an area where there is demand. TPN offers incredibly insightful statistics to help you identify the following: what average age group rents in the area? what is the average household size? how much is the average rent? and importantly, how likely are tenants in that area and that rental bracket likely to pay you? TPN also offers credit checks, lease agreements, management systems. They are your new bes

Creative Finance Ideas

Watch my latest interview on #realestate for some great ideas on how to finance residential and commercial properties!

Birthday Reflections

Birthdays are a great time to reflect. A blank page, a brand new start lies ahead. What are you going to choose to write on it? My previous year was outstanding. A long awaited family trip across the globe visiting special friends and family, ending in Disney World. Frequent travel across our beautiful country meeting hundreds of people determined to change their lives. Leaving my corporate life to live life on my terms. Writing a book. Having time to become a new me. What will this year hold? I have some audacious goals in mind, new dreams, new ambitions. I can't wait to watch it unfold. What I do know for sure is your life is in your hands. You can make it a masterpiece or a nightmare. You

Johannesburg, South Africa

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